Morris Richards has designed many barn conversions throughout the years.

Without exception whether for residential or commercial use the barns were listed buildings and required careful consideration as to how to preserve the existing structure, maintaining the essence of a barn and adapting it for its new use.

By their nature barns are large volume spaces and require sensitive treatment when retaining their character.  They adapt well to open plan living or work environments and the introduction and contrast of modern elements with the historic structure enhances the conversion.


Skeleton steel frame of barn conversion

In this example the existing structure was anchored to a new steel skeleton frame, inserted with the existing barn frame in tact.  New foundations and perimeter walls were built to provide a skin worthy of the rigours and energy requirements of current best practice. A mezanine floor was introduced to take advantage of the open vaulted roof.


Barn nearing completion

The end result was the retention and restoration of a listed historic barn building that exceeded the demanding requirements of a modern office environment.

For more information or to discuss your barns conversion call us now.

120229 barn newbury_Page_7 copy

Newbury Barn Roof Area

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