Extension to Alexandra, Bath Road, Lymington, SO41 3SE

The project involved the creative re-organising and re-planning of an existing house to take advantage of stunning waterside views of Lymington river.  Turning the house upside down gave a new lease of life to a tired property.

The new extension rec0nnected with the garden previously annexed from the house by change of level and no view from the house.  The extension transformed the immediate area adjacent to the house creating an external living and dining area.  Sliding folding doors open up to double the living space.  With level access  and continuous flooring material inside and out the junction is seamless.

Alexandra, Bath Road, Lymington, SO41 3SG, view of kitchen/dining extension

Siting the Lounge on the first floor takes advantage of the stunning views across the park towards Lymington river.

Alexandra Road

Historic properties can be dark and thus feel uninspiring.  In this new extension and refurbishment the re-planning of upstairs accommodation made better use of the previously cramped space to provide a much needed main bathroom.  Downstairs the new Master Bedroom suite links to both the courtyard garden and kitchen/living room providing easy access and a tranquil feel.

Alexandra, Bath Road, Lymington, SO41 3SG view of extension from garden

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