How do I get drawings done?  Do I need them?

‘A Chartered Architect will provide you with much more than just the drawings for your new home, extension or alteration.  You will be fully involved in creating a totally tailored solution for your living needs.

An architect has experience to steer your project safely through to completion, overseeing the design, planning and building regulations, the builders and your budget.’ Extract RIBA ‘Using an architect for your home’.

We will listen to you and help you define your project.  We will indentify and explain the risks to you and interpret your ideas and ambition to fit your budget.

By way of CAD generated drawings we will develop your ideas to produce a design that maximises your investment whilst bringing you years of comfort and pleasure.  Even the smallest of projects can be exciting and innovating.

We will guide you through the myriad of legislation and compliance so that you have all the approvals required.

Together with the drawings we can produce schedules and other tender documentation that can be accurately priced to help engage a suitable builder, prepare contract information and draft contracts, monitor progress, standards and safety on-site, arrange the input of other specialists and oversee the co-ordination of the construction through to its successful completion.

Architectural Drawings


Villa Aloni drawing

What will it cost?

You are likely to be making a large financial and emotional commitment to your project, a decision that will affect you for years to come.  So is it worth getting it right? And ensuring your future?  We think so.

You may think that you can make do with a cost cutting service from lesser qualified people?  But check they are not less able and less experienced.  Would you get in a plane with an un-qualified pilot or have a major medical operation carried out on you by someone who was nearly qualified?

Experience does matter, as does qualification and reputation.  Our fees are fair and reasonable and we have many testimonials for the quality of our services.

Call us now to discuss the question of drawings  and how to get them done.

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