Industrial Units

We provide the design and project management of any industrial unit whether a small single unit or large voluminous headquarters.  Whether it is for new build, upgrading or refurbishment we can advise you of your needs.  Experienced in Science park/industrial and comercial development.

Below is a selection of Industrial units, factories, warehouses, science parks and offices that we have experience in.

industrial unit

Inside industrial unit

A large warehouse/industrial space of a headquarters building.

Industrial units

Typical small industrial unit

This shows a typical small starter industrial unit.  Part of a complex of several units that comprsed a main industrial/workshop space with supporting office accomodation at the front on the ground and first floor.

Industrial unit

Entrance area

This is the entrance area of a large headquarters building.  The Warehouse/industrial space was flanked on two side by office and ancillary space.

Call us to discuss your industrial units requirement.

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