Morris Richards Architect in Greece

For 20 years Morris Richards Architect in Greece clung to a vision. In 2007 that vision was stunningly and vibrantly brought to life when the doors on the Velanidia Villas in Kefalonia were swung open for the first time.

morris richards architect in greeceMorris Richards Architect in Greece

It seems a lifetime ago when Morris Richards MRA first embarked on his project to design and construct villas on the beautiful Greek island of Kefalonia that he knew so well. In partnership with wife Sarah, Velanidia Villas are a lavish testament to his skill, imagination and endeavour.

Morris, owner of an Architects, Town Planning and Project Management consultancy business in the Hampshire town of Lymington, is committed to environmentally low-impact, contemporary design at home and abroad.

So as you relax on the marble-floored verandas of Villa Aloni or Villa Sterna, breathing the heady perfume of cypress and olive as the cicada play out their beguiling symphonies, raise a glass to Morris Richards Architect in Greece,  for his dream is your reality.

To find out more about Morris Richards Architect in Greece call us now.

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